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Happy Advent!

Happy Advent, everyone! This is our favorite season, and we girls especially are having so much fun enjoying the candles and decorations and music and readings! I took a few pictures of the girls that I wanted to post, but I shall have to stick with that for today, as I need to go wake them up for the day!

Juliette likes to collect a stack of books and a couple of toys, sit next to or on top of them in the flower chair, and read the books. Oddly enough, she calls this "swimming" (or wimming, as she says it)

Naomi and Juliette like to play together, so Naomi has lately been joining Juli in "wimming"

My Bella reading James Herriots children’s stories.

My Penny being silly . . . which is pretty normal! She had us all confused this week running around talking about some sickness called HenPos – took us awhile to figure out she meant Chicken Pox, and had translated the chicken to hen!

Ok, I’m totally perpetuating her being a stinker by taking a picture of this, but it was really funny  to walk back in with a washcloth expecting to find her still waiting in her highchair and find this . . . .

Some impromptu Christmassy pictures

Pretty little Lys!

Miss Juliette

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Walkin' and Talkin'


I apologize for the sideways video – didn’t remember that it would do that until after I downloaded it! Nonetheless, I had fun making a little movie of Alyssa, who can now walk and talk . . . sort of.

Conversations and Strange Happenings

Conversation in the car:
Juliette: "I want to marry daddy."
Me, chuckling: "Oh, I don’t think you can marry daddy – he’s already married to me."
Juliette: "Mommy, I want to marry daddy at Walmart."
Naomi, laughing uproariously: "Oh, ha, ha, ha, no, no no."
Juliette: "Mommy, I will go to Walmart tomorrow and marry daddy."
Naomi: "No, ha, ha."
Juliette: "Yes, I will (sounds like wiw), I will marry daddy.
Naomi, still laughing uproariously: "No, you can’t!"
Juliette, with a grumpy look on her face, after pondering this for a moment: "Mommy, Naomi mean!"
Later at dinner
Juliette: "Daddy, I want to marry you."
Daddy, with a very amused smile: "Oh honey, I can’t marry you."
Juliette: "Yup, you can (sounds like tan). I wanna have go and marry you."
Daddy: "You’re my little girl so I can’t marry you, but I can love you lots and lots."
Juliette whimpers and sniffles rather pathetically . . .  
Today in the store we had a bit of a crisis. I saw Naomi briefly stick her finger up her nose, so I told her to take it out and not pick her nose. She started crying and insisted she had to because something was in her nose. I said we would take care of it in the car, but she remained quite distressed. I unfortunately forgot about it in the car, and she didn’t mention it again till we were at home. She was very upset and said there was a shoe in her nose. Not being good at thinking outside the box, I thought for a minute, then asked if her sister had kicked her nose (shoe?). She said no. I asked if she needed a kiss or a tissue, and she asked for a kissue. Assuming she meant a tissue, I brought her one, and she blew enthusiastically. And out popped the last thing I expected, but exactly what she had been trying to tell me: a princess doll’s shoe! Perhaps the trauma will convince her not to do that one again.

Bows And Arrows


Matt’s just finished building a fence in the backyard, and Isabelle is very excited that she can go out and practice archery by herself now.  Her little "range" is in the perfect spot for me to watch her while I cook, and she and Hannah can take a few minutes to practice on their own. When Matt was showing Isabelle some archery tips, he made sure to caution her to keep her arrow aimed low, for the target, because if it went high up in the air it might come down and hurt someone. She sagely replied: "Yes, it shall soar down like a raven’s wing . . . but it would be a good thing if it hit a burglar." Spoken like a knight’s daughter, I suppose, but I’m glad she manages to keep it to the target! Here are a couple of pictures through the kitchen window – the cloak adds nicely to the elfin effect, I think.

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Tonight I find myself amused at the pronunciation differences of my three smallest girls. They can say the same thing in such different little ways:

Example: Mommy asks, "Would you like a drink?"

Alyssa: "bla, maa maa mi, bla, goo, goo" (or some variation of this – you get the idea)

Naomi: "Yah, I nee a wink of my wawer"

Juliette: "Ooh, yet (how she says yes), I need a beek of my beek!"


It’s amazing that even on baby number five, all of my girls have been so different. Alyssa is her own little person, and she has her own idiosyncrasies. Here are pictures of a few of them:
I don’t know why, but she prefers to eat with one foot on the tray/table. Dreadful, I know, but I’ve made more messes trying to get that foot down than when I just left it there while feeding her. I know taking this picture probably made a bad habit all that much worse, but I couldn’t resist memorializing her obsession with a foot on the table!
She also manages to crawl off and find herself in some odd predicaments.  When it’s quiet, we have to go hunting for her to figure out where she’s "hiding". Thankfully we’ve never found her splashing in the toilet (though she’s rather proud that she’s figured how to flush it!), but here she managed to get herself rather stuck. We’re still not sure how she got there by herself, but she sure enjoyed her new vantage point, until she realized that she couldn’t get out.
"Wow, what a cool spot I’ve found – I can stand up all day!"
"Wait a minute, I seem to be rather enclosed here"
"Dear me, what shall I do????"
"Well, guess I’ll just have to sit here and play with my tongue till someone finds me"
As mommy walks past, "Oh, hee, hee, hi mom . . . I’m stuck!" I love this sheepish/impish look on her face!
 Now for some more almost-one-year-old pictures of our little blondie:
"Mmmm. leaves and grass, what could be yummier?"
Going on a stroller ride:
I’ve got my mommy! 
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Some July Pictures

I think I’ve given up trying to post all of my pictures from June. I suppose I’ll sneak them in here and there . . . . But here are a few from July:
Four little bathin’ beauties!
Naomi Bear
Who’s that handsome fella with all those little girls?
The big girls showing how we "tweaked" their church dresses to give them longer life. And silly me, I didn’t extend the picture far enough down to see! Well, if you look in the previous picture, you can see a calico pink band of fabric at the bottom of Naomi’s dress, and in this picture you can see the matching band across the empire waist. I’d gotten the idea from a dress I saw in the store, and my wonderful mother-and-sister-in-law helped me pull it off while they were here! Many thanks – we LOVE these dresses and are so happy to enjoy them a bit longer!
That’s all for today – I’m off to get some breakfast before I wake the girlies!
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