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For Deanna


This week I turned 29, so I am officially enjoying the last year of my twenties. I promised my mother-in-law that I would show her pictures of my lovely gifts. She, my mother, and my grandma got me a beautiful new quilt set – I think it’s the first time I’ve had new bedding for this bed since we’ve been married! It’s fun- makes the whole room look a bit different, even more quaint and cozy. The girls all picked out very pretty candles for their mommy! And Matt gave me the pillow shams for our bed, as well as a wonderful little pocket knife (I had asked him for one, believe it or not), and the biggest surprise of all (remember, I mentioned we might have horsey news soon). . . . Matt decided to get a horse!!!!!!! I am so very excited – her name is Farah (which is Arabic for joy), and she is a sweet little Egyptian Arabian yearling filly. She comes home to us in two weeks, and we can’t wait! We are so looking forward to having a young horse to raise and enjoy, and hopefully in a few years, also breed her to this gorgeous fella! Fun new adventures for our family!


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We're Back!


This time I have a good reason for not having posted lately. We’ve been on holiday – and a lovely one at that! We just spent two weeks driving, playing at the ocean, visiting our dear family and friends and enjoying some time away together. We all loved our trip, and have come home with many wonderful memories (along with four hundred pictures!) It was a TON of driving – we drove the whole way to the California coast and back, and also quite a bit throughout, but I think the girls did great for so many hours in the car! We spent our first week together at a lovely little Bed & Biscuit in Pescadero, CA – the very first time the girls have seen the ocean! In reading Milly Molly Mandy Goes To The Sea so many times, we often remember how land-locked we are, yet we desire our girls to share our love of the ocean. It was a chilly 57 degrees all week, but we loved it nonetheless. We waded, played in the sand, and explored tide pools together – it really was quite refreshing, as we’ve never officially taken a family vacation before.

After our seaside week, we spent a bit over another week visiting different friends and family here and there, a couple days at a time. It was such a wonderful experience to share in our friends’ homes for a little while – there is something special I have learned from each of them. The girls enjoyed sleeping in everything from "princess beds" in the B & B, to sleeping bags, shared bunks with friends, sisters, or mom and dad, car seats, even big couch cushions! It was a great way to learn some fun flexibility and have different adventures every night! I think we’ve come home with a more mellow baby, as the trip seemed to help Alyssa learn to "go with the flow" a bit more. We also got to celebrate her first birthday in California, and we did so by taking the girls to our old favorite Ice Cream spot (Leatherby’s), and letting them all have banana splits for dinner! They were pretty bouncy that night!  

It was also wonderful to return and realize how much we love our little home. We’re all settled back in now, and getting ready to start school quite soon. Here are some of the many, many, many California pictures we came home with:

Isabelle and Daddy finding some waterfalls on the drive out there. 
The Big girls’ princess bed in the B & B
The Little Princess Bed

Ah, beautiful ocean! Naomi liked wearing her purple hat, to keep the sand out of her pretty braids! And Alyssa enjoyed trying to eat some of that afore-mentioned sand!!
Matt loves finding starfish
While daddy took the bigger/more adventurous girls exploring, I played in the sand with the three littles. Here’s my attempt to get a picture of us all in our fun giant sandbox!
I guess Juli takes after daddy, as she liked the starfish, too – don’t worry, we put them back into the water (I think!)
Did I mention it was freezing!
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I’ll try to post more from the trip when I get a chance . . . .



Tonight I find myself amused at the pronunciation differences of my three smallest girls. They can say the same thing in such different little ways:

Example: Mommy asks, "Would you like a drink?"

Alyssa: "bla, maa maa mi, bla, goo, goo" (or some variation of this – you get the idea)

Naomi: "Yah, I nee a wink of my wawer"

Juliette: "Ooh, yet (how she says yes), I need a beek of my beek!"