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It’s amazing that even on baby number five, all of my girls have been so different. Alyssa is her own little person, and she has her own idiosyncrasies. Here are pictures of a few of them:
I don’t know why, but she prefers to eat with one foot on the tray/table. Dreadful, I know, but I’ve made more messes trying to get that foot down than when I just left it there while feeding her. I know taking this picture probably made a bad habit all that much worse, but I couldn’t resist memorializing her obsession with a foot on the table!
She also manages to crawl off and find herself in some odd predicaments.  When it’s quiet, we have to go hunting for her to figure out where she’s "hiding". Thankfully we’ve never found her splashing in the toilet (though she’s rather proud that she’s figured how to flush it!), but here she managed to get herself rather stuck. We’re still not sure how she got there by herself, but she sure enjoyed her new vantage point, until she realized that she couldn’t get out.
"Wow, what a cool spot I’ve found – I can stand up all day!"
"Wait a minute, I seem to be rather enclosed here"
"Dear me, what shall I do????"
"Well, guess I’ll just have to sit here and play with my tongue till someone finds me"
As mommy walks past, "Oh, hee, hee, hi mom . . . I’m stuck!" I love this sheepish/impish look on her face!
 Now for some more almost-one-year-old pictures of our little blondie:
"Mmmm. leaves and grass, what could be yummier?"
Going on a stroller ride:
I’ve got my mommy! 
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Contest Winner and Random little pictures

Well, courtesy of an online "number randomizer" (who knew such things existed?!), we have a winner of the Young Living Essential Oils contest. Drumroll, please . . . . . . . Keri – you have some goodies coming your way! I’ll send you a message now, but feel free to email me your address if you’d like. I truly wish I could send a prize to all of you who entered, but feel free to email if you’d like any more information about any of these products. My email address for this is honeybeegarden (at) msn (dot) com. And, lastly, here are some pictures just for fun:
My little five year old bookworm. Here she’s reading Wulf The Saxon – I promise I didn’t pose this, just thought she looked so cute and cozy!
Miss Alyssa is officially able to stand up!!
And she’s just about big enough to wear my favorite baby Classic Pooh overalls!!!
The lighting on this picture turned out pretty funny, but it was such a good Juliette picture!
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Belle's Hair


Isabelle loves to have me do pretty things with her hair! I was gone the other morning, and daddy is admittedly not the expert in doing little girls’ hair. Yet Isabelle decided she wanted a Gibson tuck, so she looked it up in the hairstyle book. After gaining daddy’s help for a high ponytail (step one of the Gibson Tuck), she set up her own little hair station, read the instructions in the Klutz Hair book, and managed to create her own lovely style!

 PS: Don’t forget to enter the contest to win some lovely bath and household goodies from Young Living Oils!

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Contest Time


I’m in the mood to host a fun contest, and tell you about my new venture, so I thought I’d share some products with you that I have come to love! A few months ago, some friends of ours’ introduced us to Young Living Essential Oils. I have to admit, we weren’t too sure what to think about them at first, having never used essential oils before, but in a moment I shall tell you why we’ve come to love them so much!


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So, here’s the contest: The winner will receive a goody-bag of Young Living products – such as a bottle of one of our favorite oils, as well as some fun personal care products like lovely smelling shampoos, baby diaper ointment, toothpaste, mouthwash, foaming hand cleaner, hand sanitizer, home cleaning solution, and more! Just leave me a comment if you’d like to be entered, and I will randomly choose a winner in one week.

If you aren’t the winner, you can still enjoy some Young Living products by visiting my new little website, Honeybee Garden  – the link is on the button to the right. I am SO thankful for these oils (read on to see why) that I decided to help make them available to others! I hope they are a blessing to your family as they have been to ours. While we love using the personal care products when we’re able to, we feel the best treasures from Young Living are their pure therapeutic grade essential oils. We have been amazed to see the results of using some of these oils – particularly by using a diffuser. Our favorite example is that of RC and Raven oils. Our daughter has struggled for years with a whooping-type cough nearly every time she gets sick. It keeps her and us up all night, and makes it very difficult for her to breathe when she has it. We’ve tried just about every over-the-counter or doctor-given medicine we could, when our friends loaned us a diffuser with some RC and Raven oil. Though we were a bit skeptical at first, we were very pleasantly surprised! Literally ten minutes after we started diffusing the oil, her cough stopped – it didn’t just get better, it stopped completely! She has yet to struggle with it again when she’s been sick (we keep that diffuser on!), for which we are so very thankful! We have some other favorite oils which we’d love to share with you, but this is what got us hooked! We wanted to let our friends know about Young Living Essential Oils, and invite you to peruse our website or get in touch with us if you have any questions or you’d like to try out some of the lovely oils!

Again, all you have to do is leave a comment if you’d like to be entered to win some Young Living Essential Oils goodies!

Some July Pictures

I think I’ve given up trying to post all of my pictures from June. I suppose I’ll sneak them in here and there . . . . But here are a few from July:
Four little bathin’ beauties!
Naomi Bear
Who’s that handsome fella with all those little girls?
The big girls showing how we "tweaked" their church dresses to give them longer life. And silly me, I didn’t extend the picture far enough down to see! Well, if you look in the previous picture, you can see a calico pink band of fabric at the bottom of Naomi’s dress, and in this picture you can see the matching band across the empire waist. I’d gotten the idea from a dress I saw in the store, and my wonderful mother-and-sister-in-law helped me pull it off while they were here! Many thanks – we LOVE these dresses and are so happy to enjoy them a bit longer!
That’s all for today – I’m off to get some breakfast before I wake the girlies!
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Quotes Of The Day


From Isabelle, who was simultaneously eating Winnie The Pooh animal crackers and practicing memory verses:

"Once upon a time, in the land of Uz, there lived a man named Tigger."

From Hannah, who was attempting to dress herself in a unicorn costume which is far too small for her. It should be noted this was frantically shrieked at the top of her lungs, in between cries of fright, and of course in utter panic:

"AAAAAhhhhhh, mommy, mommy!!! I couldn’t find you, mommy, I didn’t know where you were (I was in the next room) – I was afraid because this unicorn is so tight on my neck that it will cut off my head and I will die!"

Summer Of The Horses


This has been quite the horsey summer for us! Thanks to a generous riding instructor, some wonderful friends who own and breed lovely Arabians, and visiting family who had never ridden but wanted to try, we’ve been able to spend quite a bit of time on the back of a horse. Given the fact that I’ve always been a lover of horses, this is quite a nice thing indeed! Here are some pictures of our past month on horseback (they’re a bit smaller than they used to be – still getting used to picasa).  Give us a few weeks and we may have a little horsey surprise to share! Oh, and I have to say my favorite pictures are at the bottom for a very special reason . . . you’ll just have to scroll down to see why!

I got to ride with Hannah for this one- probably one of my favorite hours spent with that girl! We got to snuggle, ride a horse, and have uninterrupted conversation together (a rare thing indeed!)

Matt’s mom, sister and nephew getting ready for some good trail riding! 

Don’t know why, but I just like this picture of our little trail group

I had to get a good shot "for the record" of my sweet mother-in-law riding!

Horses, donkeys, any hoofed animal who will lend Isabelle his back makes her happy! Here’s her cousin Teddy leading her around on Jezebel the donkey (perhaps aptly named, Jezebel did bite Miss Isabelle by accident whilst receiving a treat – no worries, though, you should have seen how thrilled Isabelle was with all the sympathy!)

I am riding Safar, the fabulous (no exaggeration!) Arabian Stallion owned by our good friends.

More on Safar


And Miss Hannah enjoying a ride on Safar – did I say Stallion? Well, yes, but you’d never know it when the little ones are on him – he’s so very sweet!

A favorite horse trip this summer: we took a rode trip to watch Miss Bryony in her first show with this stallion – they were lovely and won 2nd place! And the road trip was wonderful as well – nice long, beautiful drive with a good friend- I came home that day refreshed and ready for the next day’s work!

Miss Isabelle enjoying Safar after the horse show

Matt joined in the fun, too. This picture reminds me of a line from one of our favorite stories: "She looked up at St. George, sitting there on his horse, straight and tall and beautiful. ‘Oh, Sir Knight!’ she cried . . . ."


And here’s everyone else getting in a little ride on Safar – no one could resist! For the record, my mother in law rode TWO horses the week she was here!


Teddy riding Safar, with Nancy kindly leading.

Teri, Matt’s sister enjoying a ride.

A breathtaking view of the area!

And now for my favorite pictures: The first is a "Before" shot from a few months ago. Remember how terrified Naomi is of animals?


Well, she is still cautious, but one day up at the ranch she decided to find out what she was missing. Completely of her own volition she came up and asked if she could ride the donkey. So I took her, thinking she’d want right off, but no – just look at that smile! We were all SO very proud of her!

Then a bit later in the day, she surprised us again by asking if she could ride the horse. I put her up thinking she’d want right down, but she amazed me again – look, another smile! We’re so proud of you, Naomi! 

What a big girl!


PS. if you didn’t get a chance to read it, take a peek at the post below – my girls sure make me laugh! The post was a bit lost in bloggyland for some reason for a short time!