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I know it seems forever (again) since I’ve written anything here! We’re sort of having a ‘vacation’ in our own home. We’ve had just over two wonderful weeks of different family visiting, and spent such sweet times together! In the process we’ve discovered many great things to do in our own hometown – we’ve been enjoying horseback riding, swimming, a kids’ horse museum, shooting, cooking and eating, playing tennis, and all manner of other fun things! I have so many photos to post, but I have to warn you all I might eventually look at switching over to google blogger or something else, as apparently shutterfly is not wanting me to post my pictures on the blog. We’ll see – as I get it figured out, there will be plenty of pictures – I’m only a few hundred behind now! But today I had to try and preserve some funny memories by posting a couple more stories from my little ones. I’m sure they won’t do justice to the actual funniness involved, but it’s worth a try! (as always, I type the words as best I remember them!)

Hannah was wearing a *new* dress which a friend passed onto us. It is the sort that buttons up and has many pockets – front and back pockets like jeans, as well as two pockets on the bodice. My girls tend to enjoy pockets, so as I was telling Hannah how pretty she looked, I asked her if she had seen all of her pockets. She eagerly let me show her each one, and had to put her little hands in them as we found them. A pocket here for your right hand, one here for your left. Then a pocket in the back for this hand, and one for that hand. As we finished the lower pockets she put her hand into one of the bodice pockets, and a look of wonder crossed her face. Pulling her hand out with a giddy smile, as if she’d found some secret treasure, she excitedly showed me a dried, orange noodle and said, "look mommy, there’s a macaroni in my pocket!" "Oh," I said, "we’d better throw that away, since it’s old and hard and yucky." At that, she looked at me with the deer-in-the-headlights look, and sheepishly said, "Oh, heh, heh, I already ate it."

The other night we had let all of the older girls skip their nap to go swimming and play tennis (or whatever variation of tennis my three little ones managed to create!) with mommy and Grandma Karen. In the evening they were pretty exhausted, so they all went to bed when baby Alyssa did, leaving Miss Juliette to stay up late with us. After a good forty minutes, we put her to bed also – all of her big sisters were completely out! Sometimes little "Jooey" can be a stinker in bed, so we weren’t overly surprised when we heard her little talkings and whisperings. I went in and told her to lay quietly and go to sleep.  A bit later I heard Hannah mumbling something in a stressed voice, and crying, apparently in her sleep. I opened the door to investigate, and saw little miss Juli turn and run at full speed from Hannah’s bed back to her own. I went in to, ahem, rebuke her, for not being in her bed when I noticed a tiny object in her hand which explained the whole scenario. She had managed to find a bobby-pin in or around her bed. I suppose in her little mental gymnastics she remembered that Hannah had been wearing "Victorian twists" in her hair that day, secured by bobby pins. Apparently she felt the need to replace Hannah’s bobby pin while she was peacefully sleeping, so she toddled over and began her work on Hannah’s hair. I must have walked in just in time to save Hannah from being mercilessly stabbed by a two year old with a bobby pin! And of course, with the combination of Juli’s little body flying across the room to her own bed, and figuring all of this out, I was trying so hard not to laugh that I’m pretty sure I didn’t discipline her very effectively. After telling her in no uncertain terms to stay in bed and go to sleep, she indignantly grabbed her blanket, grabbed her horsey, and grabbed her book, all the while pinning me with a rather perturbed look which I’m pretty sure meant: "how dare you interrupt me from styling Hannah’s hair?!"


Fun With Mom And Photo Test

My mom (the girls’ Grandma Karen) was here for the past week and we had such a great time! We played tennis (I’m horrible, but it was good fun!), swam with all the little ones (they all officially love water now!), and in general laughed and enjoyed ourselves all week. In fact, we were so busy enjoying ourselves that these two pictures are the only ones I took! Here’s the test part: I’m trying out a new way of posting them – can you all see the pictures?
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More Funnies And Pictures


Isabelle was having a conversation with her grandma about a movie. I had rented one while Matt was out of town, and it was definitely more of a girl movie (hence why I rented it while he was away – didn’t want to subject him to it!)  Anyway, Grandma Karen was trying to tell Isabelle the slang for a girly movie, and I thought it was pretty funny how it translated to my Belle. She came up to me giggling and asked if I had enjoyed my Chicken Flick!

And in other silly stories:

I was enjoying watching the girls play some prince/princess thing yesterday. Apparently Hannah (who was styling herself as Prince Stephan, since we have no boys to fill the role) had been facing some grave dangers which, sadly, overcame her (rather, Prince Stephan). She dramatically flopped to the floor and announced that she was dead. Isabelle, also quite dramatically, attempted to come to the rescue of her "Prince". After trying various and sundry remedies – such as lifting Hannah’s arms and wailing a lot, the "dead prince" moaned, and then muttered: "Ugh, stop it, you’re making me more dead!"

And here are a few more pictures of such fabulous things as Matt’s birthday and the one summerish day we’ve had (seriously, today it was about 42F degrees when we went out to play!)

We borrowed a dog for a day, and the older girls had a blas dressing her up as the Queen of the couch.

Daddy had a birthday and the girls each got him a gift. Since I tend to spend more than I should on his birthday, and the girls are so little, we’ve made it a tradition to let them shop for him at the dollar tree with their piggy bank money. They did great this year – Isabelle found him a celtic cross box to keep his guitar pics in, Naomi and Juliette got him a nice candle and wrought iron-looking candle holder, and Hannah proudly found him an etched wine goblet (made by Libby glassware, no less). Fun, fun!

Having a little hill in the backyard is so handy for toddlers who like to sled in the winter and slip n slide in the summer.

Julie "training" a little dog from our dog class.

Matthew with his traditional birthday crepes.

My little Lucy-Goose

Isabelle’s freshly cut bangs.

As our "prize" to her for finishing the Veritas Press Reading Contest, we presented her with a porcelain doll which I found in an antique store. She has named her Susan.

This lady was so sweet with Naomi, and really helped her face her doggy fears far more than I thought was possible!

One more slip n slide shot -I couldn’t resist the facial expression!


More Spring Pictures


Here are some of our recent pictures – like I said, I still have tons more I haven’t posted! Most of these are pictures I took at our house during a going away party for some dear friends of ours. It was rousing good time of feasting, psalm singing, and millions of children all over the place! At one point we let fifteen or twenty of the little ones hang out on the floor of the tea room and watch old Pink Panther cartoons!

Juliette and Naomi can have their bickerings, but they’re awfully cute when they play together!

Farewell, dear friends, we will miss you!

Good times singing . ..

Still singing . . .

and yet more singing . ..

the afore-mentioned Pink Panther room

Little Mona sharing mommy’s food

Isn’t she such a cutie?

Hannah is becoming quite the four year old tree climber: