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So long . . . .


It’s been ages since I last posted, and I do apologize! Funny how life creeps up on me, and suddenly everything is so very busy. I think the next few posts will be largely pictorial, since I’m about one hundred pictures behind. Incidentally, does anybody have an idea as to why all my pictures mysteriously turned into thumbnails, instead of their normal size???? I’m rather perturbed by it all. 

Oh well, as I mentioned we really have been very busy lately, but with good things. We had a lovely going away party for some dear friends, a little mom’s and kids’ road trip to an Arabian horse show, and we finally were able to take the kids and visit with some elderly gentlemen and ladies at a nursing home here in town. I wish I had some more time to post right now, but at some point I’ll try to get more pictures and stories up. I will be in and out, I think, as this seems to shaping up to be our busiest summer yet. Family visiting, our first real vacation, swimming, baby showers and all sorts of other things shall keep us enjoying the season. But for now, spring is finally here, and we are loving it! It’s such a delight to one’s soul to be able to lay in the grass listening to munchkins playing around you.  Here are some of our spring flowers and our little flower girls to go with them:



Flowers For Mother's Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful mothers and grandmas! We hope you all enjoy a lovely day of rest with those you love. And a very special "Happy!" to our own beloved moms and grandmas: Grandma Karen, Grandma Anna, Grandma Pat and Grandma Berneta! We love you so much, and are so thankful to God for you all!

Now for some Mother’s Day ‘flowers’ from the girls:

Odds N Ends


You know you’ve been reading old books when your five year old comes up to you and says "Mother, may I have my water, for I do thirst?"

Hannah continues her habit of making us smile with her choice of words.  She loves coloring pages, and upon inspecting one particularly lovely one, she announced that it was "enormous pretty!"

Hannah also seems to be having a hard time figuring out the word chiropractor. I had an appointment one day, and each time she mentioned it, the word came out differently. Our two favorites were "are you going to the firecracker?" And "what doctor is it? The piletractor?"

Tonight, I wasn’t feeling very well. I started to get a little woozy at the table (think I’m fighting a bug), and I turned toward Matt and said something to the effect that my head felt heavy, I thought I was getting a fever, and I felt like I was just going to flop over. Isabelle, who was sitting next to me, stared at me intensly.  I asked if she thought I was getting sick. She stared yet more deeply into my eyes for a moment, then a big grin spread across her face as she announced, in all confidence, "Allergies!"

When I’m feeling better I’ve got to post about our new school books for Autumn. I’m so excited about school this year! Instead of a package I hand picked everything out and we just can’t wait to dig in!  But for now I have some pictures to catch up on, so enjoy:

Juliette found a blanket in the hamper, so she just crawled right in to rest!

Alyssa’s graduated to a big high chair, and she’s making it clear she’d much prefer "big girl" food to go with it – "no pabulum for me!"

Our good friends Matt and Hilary came out for a little visit – we were so thrilled to see them and had a wonderful time together!

Isn’t it so sweet to catch up with dear friends?

Isabelle just loved Hilary – how could she not? She’s beautiful as well as sweet and kind!

Ok, so I may have posed the hug, but I still thought it was cute.

Daddy picked these flowers out for Isabelle after her dance recital. She loves them so much that they are still in a vase by her bed, even though they’re now completely dead and dried out! We’ve got to rescue them from the vase and find a good place to hang them!

We finally have some spring flowers bringing color to the yard!


Belle's Movies


I shall let Belle be a blog star on mommy’s blog today. Sorry for any repeat, but I think I finally figured out how to get these videos to work and keep working. Here’s a fun "last year and this year" of reading, as well as what Isabelle described as her "beautiful moment": her very first little dance recital. We were so proud of her, because daddy and I each gave her a particular piece of advice about a part of her dance, and she worked so hard to remember them both! And she smiled the whole time – she’s third from the right.

PS. Please do be cautious about clicking on any video links that may pop up at the end of the videos – these are hosted on youtube and I have no control over what other videos they may have one their site!

Ballet/Irish Dance Recital

Reading St. George Last week (we LOVE this book – this was the day it came in the mail!)

Reading a Bob Book around a year or so ago



To all of you firefox users, I think I got the blog to work correctly. It may not be quite as pretty as it looks in msn or explorer (though they look a bit different now, too), but the words should all be there! Please let me know if it’s hard for anyone to see, and I’ll try to tweak it a bit more! I never realized things looked different in various browsers!