No Teep Jooey And Other Meandering Thoughts


Today was such a lovely day! It truly was – the ground is still covered in quite dirty snow (thanks to a huge windstorm last week), but it felt Spring-ier today. It was sunny and warm (42 degrees, or so). Alyssa and I took a bike ride and loved being outside.  Matt took the other girls grocery shopping (with his specialty – doughnuts!) and I thoroughly enjoyed the time to catch up on odds and ends around here. Later we rearranged the cribs, as Alyssa’s really getting too big for a bassinet, weeded out all sorts of stuff, reorganized parts of our house, etc – overall it just made the house seem so much more peaceful! I’ve even started exercising lately (in part thanks to my little sister who sent me a pilates video). This is a feat which I’ve never accomplished on a regular basis, but it feels so good not to be exhausted even when I’m up half the night with a sick baby. I am just so thankful for this time, as I really went through a rough post-partum hormonal time after Alyssa. God is good to be the lifter of our heads!

The girls are getting so much older – Isabelle reads us stories now instead of only the other way around. Our morning routine is taking less time as the girls are able to do more of the dressing/dishwasher unloading/water glass filling things by themself. And it’s encouraging to realize that lately I actually prefer to have them be dinner helpers, as their help is greatly missed when I don’t use it. They’ve still been amusing me with their comments, so I shall post a few more:

Hannah (of course!) while snuggling and trying to wake up from a nap: "Mommy, I want you."

Me: "Well, you have me, baby. I want you, too and I love you."

Hannah: "Mommy . . . I’m so glad God gave you to me for my good little wife!"

Me: "hmmm, well not quite, but I’m glad God gave you to me too."

Later, after telling daddy the story, he said "oh, but she can’t be your good little wife; she’s my good little wife!"

Me: "I can be your good little Mother, Hannah"

Hannah: "Yes, you can be my good little mother . . . and my good little baker"

Leave it to Hannah to bring it all back to food!

And one from Juliette:

The girls all get very excited on their dinner helper night (on this night they also get to stay up late for special time with Matt and me.) They usually spend the afternoon chanting "I’m dinner helper, I get to stay up late!" Naomi, having fewer words that she’s able to pronounce, usually shortens it to: "No sleep for Naomi!" She knows this really only means twenty minutes less sleep than the others, and even if she didn’t know that, her big sisters waste no time in correcting her. Juliette, on the other hand, has never seemed to make the connection, although she thoroughly enjoys both staying up late with us and being dinner helper. Well, last week she finally connected it. She was SO excited after nap – she ran straight downstairs and picked out her favorite apron (which she calls the dinner helper). After I tied the "dinner helper" onto her, thus making her the official dinner helper, she began chanting "No sleep for Juliette". In her cute manner of speaking, this actually sounded like: "No teep Jooey, no teep Jooey." Thus went her happy refrain all evening. After we had tucked in all of her sisters, she proudly carried her favorite books to our big bed, to snuggle up and read. After this we had a little tickle game, pillow fight, and all the other traditional fun-after-bedtime stuff. She was quite pleased. We even extended her special time for ten extra minutes, before starting the sleepytime routine of blessings and such. But when we said it was time for bed and started to bless her, she became most distressed! She reiterated "no teep Jooey, no teep Jooey" to make sure we hadn’t forgotten. At that unfortunate moment I realized she thought there would be literally no sleep for Juliette that night. So I explained it in my best two year old fashion, and even had her repeat after me the important part about "no teep Jooey" time being all done. She seemed to understand – she seemed relatively satisfied. Then we started to bless and tuck her and the refrain began again – so much for getting it! We finally had to give up and tuck in our little distressed daughter, who fell asleep that night murmuring "No teep Jooey, no teep Jooey, no teep Jooey  . . . "

Here are some pictures, too. Oh, and if you’ve read this far, remember there is only one day left to leave a comment on my contest post if you’d like to win some lovely pearl jewelry. I’m closing the contest tomorrow night, and shall pick a winner on Valentine’s day. Hope you all enjoy a lovely week!

Alyssa enjoying daddy read some PG Wodehouse.Happy Birthday Naomi – big three year old girl!Loving her birthday surprises. . . Like her new dolly stroller and carrier!Enjoying some tea time – I LOVE having a little kitchen with a bar for the girls!Our neighbors were so kind as to pass on their daughters’ old unicorn costumes . .. .What fun! There are only two, so they’re much coveted sometimes! One day I heard Isabelle say "here Hannah, you may have mine." I was so proud of her for sharing! Then a few minutes later, she came downstairs dressed in her princess dress, whereupon she ordered Hannah into a crawling position so she could "ride" her!Lots of snow!And even bigger icicles . . . which, of course, all the girls wanted to lick!Lots of snow!Upon which to sled . . .Have you notice the theme of "lots of snow?" It’s finally starting to melt a bit, but we sure enjoyed it – even the necessary shoveling involved! It took us fifteen minutes to get all the girls through the snowdrifts from our front yard to our backyard for sledding!


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  1. We did some reorganizing recently too and it feels good. I love all the snow. Wish we got more. Are you going to share your mission statement tomorrow?

  2. Melissa,
    Your days look like they are enjoyable. I can't believe how much the girls are growing.

    We have had a lot of snow this year. Jackson even got some. But it melts away, then snows again the next day. Makes it hard for driving.

    This week has been beautiful, got to 63 degrees yesterday.

    You might want to check out Ben's & Thomas' blogs to see some of the new lambs we have; the girls will like them.

    Keep enjoying those little ones.

    Blessings, Jean

  3. I LOVED the pictures! your girls say the sweetest things:) I should make note of all mine say more often. I'd really LOVE to invite you to my private blog! I think I asked you before but you didn't answer either way so I'll pretend you didn't see it and ask you one last time:):) If you'd like accsess to my private blog(it's private so I can safely share lots of pics) please email me at
    and I'll send you an invitation from blogger.

    I like how you take time and ENJOY each of your preciaous children!! I'm working on that….it seems housework and other things can so easily swallow the entire day and I don't want to miss the little things! have a great day with all those girls and I have a good one with all my boys!!:)

  4. Oh and I was wondering if you could tell me where you got that awesome little carrier for Naomi!!!! My 6 year old would love that!

  5. Looks and sounds like lots of good times! Glad you are over the hormone fluxuations that can follow the birth of a baby. That can really leave a person feeling a bit crazed! It realyl is nice when you start to see some of the training paying off, and some things becoming a little more simple. Many blessings upon you all,

  6. Great photos. I love the one of Matt and carrying the baby and reading the book. I really liked all of them. You must have a good camera. 😉

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