Happy Tears And Random Foes


Such a lovely thing happened today that I had to write it down (well, type it down, of course). Matt had some notes and his Bible at the dinner table because he was trying to explain some things he’d been listening to in some James Jordan lectures (which he HIGHLY recommends!) While he was talking, Isabelle snuck his Bible away and was looking at the pages. All of a sudden she broke into the conversation by reading half a paragraph and asking a pretty clever question about what she had just read in Genesis. She’s been reading very well lately, but I still had to do a double take to realize she’d just picked up a Bible, read it fluently, and understood what she’d read. I know that probably seems mundane, but I was so excited I got tears in my eyes – sort of a similar feeling to seeing our girls being baptized, it was just so beautiful to see my little daughter, who’s a daughter of the King, reading the King’s Words to us!

On a  sillier note, Hannah’s said so many funny things lately that I’ve forgotten most of them. But I do remember two, and hopefully I didn’t already post them.  She was telling me how happy she was that daddy worked at his job, and I was agreeing with her. Her reasoning went something like this: "I’m so glad for daddy’s work, because if daddy didn’t do his work, we wouldn’t have a house, so we would live in the middle of the street and the cars would roll on us!"

Isabelle often runs about calling to her sisters "Quick, run, there’s a dragon!" Or she’ll grab a pretend "bow and arrows" and shoot the wicked dragon. Makes perfect sense from all those fairy tales. Then along comes Hannah. She runs for a bit, stops to glance furtively around her, then says in a tone of utter, yet frantic, seriousness – "We must run, hurry, I see it, run, there’s a wicked antelope!" Oh yes, must watch out for those antelopes . . .

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  1. Oh, how beautiful and precious-your dd reading the Bible and the adorable things your other dds are saying. I really enjoyed reading this! Made me smile. Holly

  2. I'm so glad you are writing some of these down to look back on later. The boys did so many cute things and I just don't remember a lot of them. They do grow up fast!!

    Blessings, Jean

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