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Mission Statement Contest


Well it’s finally here – the first blog contest on TwaddleMeNot! Lately I’ve been thinking about how difficult it can sometimes be to cheerfully go about the work God has set before me. Usually in those difficult times I find that I’ve forgotten the purpose in all I do. I know that wifehood and motherhood is a high and blessed calling, but I often need to be reminded of that when I’m "in the trenches" of diapers, runny noses, sin issues and other such day-to-day things. Proverbs 29:18 says "Where there is no vision the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he." I know the Bible beautifully shows the "vision" of our lives: of motherhood, of sainthood. But I have often wanted to write a mission statement for my life that sort of encapsulates the beauty of the calling God has given me.  We all have a unique part in God’s perfect plan, but we mothers have so many of the same missions day to day that I think we could all be blessed by being reminded of WHY we do this. So I decided to challenge myself to write a mission statement for my life. Would any of you like to join me?

Here’s the fun part. For some reason this all inspired me to have a contest. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. One little comment and you will officially be entered in my contest (which will be a random drawing from a hat.)

But if you’d like to be entered thrice – yep, your name would go in the hat three times – please leave a comment with your personal mission statement as well. I’m sure we could all be so blessed reading eachother’s vision statements, and I’d really like to bless someone through this contest.

Knowing the true purpose in our lives, I was thinking about the pearl of great price (I know, I go through a lot of mental gymnastics!), so as a prize for this contest, the winner may choose their favorite pearl necklace, earring set or bracelet – whatever one piece of jewelry you like best- from the ones on this page. I shall leave the contest open for about two weeks, and choose a winner on the 14th, so as to provide a fun Valentine surprise for someone! Oh, and please feel free to enter whatever your station in life – it’s not just moms who need to be reminded of their purpose in God’s plan! We all are such needed parts of His body and I’d be so blessed to read all of your hearts as to God’s call on your life right now!

I hope this is something you might be blessed by, and if nothing else, I would love to challenge each of us to write down why we do what we do, so that we can read it when we are discouraged, and perhaps God will use it to bring us new energy for our blessed calling. I pray you’re all blessed this day as you go about His work in your days!


Fun Gadgets


A few years back I was able to travel with my church to Romania to help in an orphanage three summers running. These trips had a huge impact on my life, and I am so thankful for all God did through them. One of these days I’ll have to write down some memories for you all. . . I’m sure if nothing else the trips were a large part of the reason I so badly wanted to adopt, and part of the way God brought Naomi into our family. But tonight I was remembering a very silly little detail – through these trips I got hooked on putting cream in my tea.  I know, that’s totally not profound, but it really is good. I never even  liked tea very much until I tasted it with cream – yummy! So, as the title of this post is "fun gadgets", I have to tell you a discovery I made this week. Have you ever poured cream into your steaming hot cup of tea, only to find that this particular tea (usually citrus-y ones) makes the cream look all curdly? Well, I don’t know about you, but curdly cream in my tea sort of grosses me out and rather ruins the calming effect of tea. So I made a lovely cup of Nutcracker Sweet tea the other day, only to watch this very phenomenon occur before my eyes. As Isabelle would say, bummer.  For some reason this made me think of homogenized milk, and I decided to try something. I took my little milk frothing wand and spun it a bit in the tea – voila! Homogenized tea/cream. So if ever you are plagued with curdly cream tea, check out this little gadget and perhaps all your tea troubles will disappear as mine did. That’s my incredibly deep thought for the night. Cheers!

Long Time No Blog . . .


Hello all! So sorry for my looooooong absence. It’s funny how life just kind of catches up with me sometimes, and my time for any extraneous activity becomes nil. Actually, I do have the excuse that my hard drive decided to die what I consider a very premature death. And my warranty company decided to make sure to take over a month to resolve this. Ah well, it’s been God’s way of showing me that life goes on just fine without computers.  That aside we’ve also been struck with a bug of some sort. One of those bugs that the kids pick up one at a time, so it feels like an eternity before everyone is well. This one came with those nasty coughing episodes – the kinds that keep mommy and daddy up all night tending to little sickies. Thus I’ve been a walking zombie for the last two weeks – to the point that I actually started taking my breakfast dishes to the laundry hamper instead of the sink! Thankfully they didn’t end up in the wash -wouldn’t that have been something to blog about? Anyway, I doubt I have anything all that interesting to say, but I’m sure I will soon . . . maybe . . . perhaps if I get some sleep!

Lately I’ve been pondering books and curriculum for the fall. I’m hoping to do a first grade-ish year with both Isabelle and Hannah – they’re so similar in how they learn and Hannah’s catching up pretty quickly. Thankfully, Naomi and Juliette (who now calls herself Jooey) are very similar in how they are developing and learning, so I think between the four big girls I’ll only have two "grades" to teach. I found this neat little Charlotte Mason catalog buried in my files called Queen Homeschool Supplies  and I’m hoping to try some of their copywork and living books about nature next year. I really enjoyed looking through their catalog! I’ve been feeling Charlotte Mason-y in general – perhaps just because reading aloud is my favorite part of any school day. I started reading A Charlotte Mason Companion, and then from Kendra’s blog I found the link to this book that looks great as well. Ah, so many books . . . so little time!

This week we have two of the girls’ wonderful Grandmas visiting, which is such a delight at any time, but especially after being cooped up and sick. Today I was resting in bed (I was one of the last to get the bug) and enjoying listening to my mom read aloud to the girls. I chuckled to myself when I heard that Hannah had picked "The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly". It’s a totally goofy, yet sort of dreadful little book that we happened to pick up one time and just never got around to weeding out. The lady goes onto swallow all sorts of things like a bird, cat, spider, dog, cow, etc,  to catch the previous animal she swallowed.  I guess it’s good for some laughs, but our rather gruesome copy ends "There was an old lady who swallowed a horse . . .she’s dead, of course".  I’ve at least heard parts of that poem before so it wasn’t totally shocking, but my poor mom apparently never has. She was so great while listening to Isabelle read the story to her, but we all had a good laugh in the evening about her rather surpised expressions of "What?" (after Isabelle read "perhaps she’ll die") and then "Oh my!" (after "She’s dead, of course"), and the nervous laughter sprinkled throughout. I’ll never forget how much the girls giggled – fun memories!

Meanwhile, I had finally gotten Alyssa sleeping through the night when she got sick. And of course (to me anyway) sick little baby means nursing as often as possible so she doesn’t get dehydrated from fevers. Sooooo, we’re back to lots of nursings at night. That girl pops her little head up, wails in congested misery, and after she has drunk of her heavenly milk she flashes this whole-head smile, as if to say "I must have my milk; I shall always have my milk; don’t you know mom, I must have my milk whenever I desire it!"  Once she’s well . . . perhaps sleep will come.

Well, I’m off for the night, but I do have a few links, as well as a few funny stories I must try to write down this week. And do check back as I’ve decided to have my first ever blog contest quite soon (at least I think it’ll be the first one, but I don’t have the greatest memory!) Have a great night, everyone!

Just Some Pictures


Well, much as I would love to write some more than this, it’s a BUSY couple of weeks, and I need to get to bed. However, my collection of pictures (mostly due to Christmas, I’m sure) is growing quite enormous, so I shall post some for now.

Alyssa loves her new bumbo chair

The girls were so excited to recieve beautiful little dress coats and a play cottage for Christmas

Isabelle loving her new scarf made with love by Aunt Jenny

Matt found this gigantic icicle rather fun.

"Is daddy home yet?"

Big Hannah and little Hannah – Juli looks so much like Hannah with pigtails!