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Random Questions Of The Day


Ok, I have four questions for the day and I'd love your answers!  Please do tell me . . . .


1.  A friend just gave me 10 gallons of wheat berries, which was a huge blessing as I just ran out!  I went to make bread today and noticed that in with all the wheat berries there are still some pieces of the wheat stalk (I'm sure my terminology is all wrong here, but you know . . . there's some dried plantish material – the head, maybe  .  . . ).  Ok, I know I'm showing my utter ignorance here, since I usually buy wheat from the store and it's already cleaned up, but do I need to pick out all the little pieces of straw-ish stuff, or can it just be ground up with all the wheat berries?


2.  I was having a conversation with Isabelle recently, and today with my sister about statues.  By definition a statue is set, fixed.  So, are the “statues” which are mechanized (like at the “Glockenschpiel”-the giant cuckoo clock my sister just visited- or even just Halloween decorations such as skeleton “statues” that are attached to a string to apparently move) still considered statues?  If not, what are they?


3. Anyone know a good whole-wheat baguette recipe, or is the main difference between this and other breads the cooking process? Could I use my normal wheat dough, and shape it into baguettes and cook it at the higher temp?


4. For all you wheat grinding bakers out there: I know grains can become rancid about 72 hours after grinding, so we should eat them that quickly.  But I'm wondering: is freshly ground bread which is over 72 hours worse than store bought bread (which is obviously ove 72 hours), or does store bought bread have some preservative of sorts?  Does that make any sense?


Thanks all!



Sister Dear


Well, I'm quite excited – tomorrow I'm going on a “date”.  This one is not with my husband, however . . . it's with my little sister.  I am SO excited to see her – it feels like it's been forever, but in reality I did see her about six months ago.  Anyway, she's on her way home after traveling around Europe for awhile, and she's stopping here for a bit.  Did I mention I'm excited?  Her birthday is next week, so I'm taking her out to our friends' French restaurant, West Of Paris, since Paris was one of her favorite stops on her trip.  But first we're off to hang out, peruse books and maybe play chess for ahwhile at a lovely little coffehouse/pub/used and rare bookshop around the corner.  It will be so nice to have some girl time with her (albeit strange that I'll have no munchkins about me for a good portion of the day).  It's rare that Matt and I go out on a date, so this is even more rare. I have the pleasure of her company for four delightful days, so if I'm a bit scarce until after then I apologize in advance! Here's my gorgeous sister Kristi and myself last May (I have one more gorgeous sister and hopefully I'll get to see her soon, too – it's just a bit trickier as we both have lots of little ones and live across the country from one another!)  Anyway, just thought I'd share my fun weekend plans . . .




From Matt: Reading the Whole Bible


Matt wrote this as a comment recently, but I wanted to post it as a blog since I thought he talked about such great points.  I know for awhile I wondered about reading the more graphic Biblical scenes to little children, and I loved the points Matt made.  Here you go:


We definitely have a verse by verse Pastor. Our church is very liturgical which is nice for the girls because they love to learn the parts to say every week. We read one chapter of the Old Testament (This week was in Leviticus where in which there was a lot of discussion of uncovering nakedness and animals), One chapter from an Epistle, a Gospel passage and then then sermon text. Our pastor, Dr. Peter Leithart is a theologian “par excel'ance”. He has taken us through 1st and 2nd Kings for the last 2 or so years. He had just recently finished writing his commentary on Kings which made for easy Sunday adaptation. Having  one of “those” pastors that teach through the entire bible is a wondrous blessing (hard verses and all). I have gained such a richness and deeper understanding of “new testament truth” by being guided with wisdom through the Old Testament.

In “A House for My Name” My pastor makes the comment ” A man kisses a sleeping woman in a wood and she awakes. That's a nice ending to a story, but if we dont know the woman is Sleeping Beauty and the man is Prince Phillip, then we don't know the story well. A beginning is nothing without an ending, but an ending without a beginning is not worth much either. To tell the story of Jesus we must start in Genesis.”

God made the Bible, names and all. God thought seedy stories, genealogies and explicit sexual content mixed with gore and violence was proper for teaching us to be holy as He is holy. I mean, God topped it off by saying that “All Scripture is profitable…..”  and it's for kids too…….That doesn't mean that it is all “equally” profitable, but it is profitable. It takes great men of understanding to draw out wisdom from the OT. God could have written His holy word without genealogies and the like, but He opted to include those things for His glory and our benefit.

The bible is the foundation for all of living. If we cut and paste the bible we are not honoring God's holy writ. Who are we to edit out graphic scenes or not read the Song of Solomon to our kids because we feel that its inappropriate for our kids….the bible inappropriate?? It was made for kids. They were there at the giving of the law-they saw the plagues- they saw what happened when God was thought a trifle. The bible is there to teach and admonish all ages.

I hope I was not too dogmatic about the topic. I have just learned so much from men who have not been willing to compromise by avoiding the hard portions of the bible. It is difficult, but well worth it. After all ALL of the new testament writers saw GRACE and more GRACE in the Old Testament. They called it the “perfect law of liberty.” We must not look at the Old Testament through the eyes of most modern day Evangelicals and see only a legalistic, sour, dour, prune juice, God. We need to see that the Old Testament is all about grace even in the law. It sets us free. The NT writers read the OT in light of Christ and His sacrifice for us, they didn't discard the OT.



PS this is the first Blog I've read or commented on in about 2 months. I have been working on my wife's-soon to be completed-bathroom. Hope this finds you well. Also if you have not read “A House for My Name” it is a great book and “fairly” easy to read. It is available at


Oh Fun, Another Contest


I saw this contest on Jen's blog, and thought I'd join the fun.  I never actually win contests, but I sure enjoy entering them .  Here's the contest link at Friends4Tea for all who'd like to visit her blog and enter too. Here are my answers:


1. How long ago did you start blogging and why did you start? I started blogging a few months ago – in June actually.  I had a few reasons: I love to write and thought this would be a fun outlet; I feel like I'm surrounded by wise people, and wanted to pass along some of the wisdom they've shared with me; I wanted to join this community of other homeschooling mommies; I wanted a place to keep a family photo-journal and remember all the silly things my girlies do; I wanted a place to keep family and friends updated on all of our goings-on.  Is that enough reasons?


2. How did you come up with your username/URL address?  Hmm, we debated for awhile actually (isn't that silly?)!  We thought of all these great, serious sounding names, then settled on twaddlemenot because we (my husband and me) felt like it “represented” us best.  We love good books, and aren't fond of twaddle.  And it was kind of a goofy sort of name, and we are definitely goofy sorts of people.


3. What do you enjoy most about blogging?  Oh goodness, I don't know – probably keeping a record of the girls as they grow.  I'm terrible at scrapbooking, so this is my version of it. 


4. What makes one blog stand out to you from all the others?  Hmmm, well I love ones where I actually know the person, but aside from that I tend to be drawn towards ones which project a joyful heart towards our calling as mommies.  I love ones that make me laugh (like Jen's), and ones full of other mommys' wisdom from which to glean.


5. On an average how long does it take you to write a post for your blog? Totally depends on what it is, but I'd say average of 30 minutes.


6. What has changed in your life since you started blogging?  Well, I check my email more, he, he, he.  I feel like I have a great place to ask questions – about everything from homeschooling, to child rearing, to teapot bibs!


7. Does your family support you (if so how) or do they think you're a blog addict?  Hmmm, a bit of both I think.  Actually I think I've been so busy lately that I can't really be classified as a blog addict.  But Matt does support my blogging, and joins in from time to time.  And I think my extended family likes seeing all the updates and pix most of all (especially my mother-in-law – I think she's my most loyal blog fan!)


8. Have you ever gotten a negative comment?  If so, how did you deal with it? Yes, I answered it as clearly and kindly as I could (with Matt's help).  Then when the person returned with another negative comment, Matt stepped in, gave a polite but short reply and said it was done.  Ain't he great?


9.How often do you check your blog for new comments?  Well, I have dsl which is usually up, and I don't actually check my blog – just my email, since they come there.  I check it fairly often, but am trying to quit by actually turning off my computer unless I have planned to be on it.


10. Do you have a blogging tip you can share?  I can't think of one . . . I'm not so much the expert blogger.  I'd say use an outside photo host if you like posting pix.  But as all of you know, I'm still searching for the perfect one!


11.  As for the extra question, I could have it wrong, but I think I found it.  I blog usually in the evenings – rarely in the morning.

Our Weekend In Reverse


Today I had my hair cut.  It had it's typical difficulties – the lady cut it shorter than I asked her to, and the layers were much shorter than I had hoped.  But the great news is that I had enough hair (over 10 inches) to send to Locks of Love, to perhaps help to make a lovely wig for a cancer patient.  I was so thankful to Susan for the idea, and it makes me quite content to have my hair shorter than I planned.  Although I still have the line from the Little Women movie running through my head “Oh Jo! Your hair .  . . your one beauty!”  I think I quoted that right . . .

Yesterday Daddy and Isabelle were having a conversation about pets.  Isabelle was saying how much she would LOVE a kitty when she's bigger, while Daddy was teasingly trying to convince her she really wanted a ferret.  They went back and forth between cat and ferret a few times when Hannah decided to insert her two cents into the conversation.  After sitting quietly and listening to their conversation about cats and ferrets, she gave us her verdict: “I would like an elephant!”
Saturday night was our church's Autumn carnival, and it was everything the girls had hoped and more: costumes, candy, games, a bouncy castle, etc.  Hannah even won an honorable mention for her Raggedy Ann “Dolly” costume.  It was a good thing we tried the costumes on early, as they needed some tweaking (it's amazing what some hot glue and a few whip stitches will do!) Here are some pictures, which hopefully are working now.  Hope you had a lovely weekend all!
My little angel
Isabelle angel “flying”
My angel and my dolly
More silly girls
My Princess Naomi
Raggedy Ann Hannah
This picture doesn't do justice to the cuteness of my little Juliette Care Bear
Hannah visiting Juliette in “baby jail”
My new short locks
You wouldn't imagine the fun that a laser dot can bring.  The girls chase it around like it's a little red fairy!
A little duet
Isabelle wanted twists like Naomi . . .
They certainly didn't stay in for a week (or even an hour, probably), but she was happy!
Hannah entertaining Juliette at the table
I asked Hannah to get some shoes so we could go to the store. . . .

Pictures Try Again


Ok, I have so many pictures from this month and still haven't posted many of last month's – I think I”m getting behind.  Here are a few:


Little Bunnies playing together (happily, in fact . . .which is nice)


Gramma Anna with most of the girls during Gramma and Grandpa's visit

Matt and his mom during their visit a few weeks ago:

Gramma Anna reading to Isabelle

Naomi Annie

Me with Jon and Deanna


Naomi at our friends' house

Daddy at same friend's house

Me and Nao

Yes, that is an axe in my daughter's hand . . .

Julie Bunny


Juliette with Granpa Jon


Isabelle after having finished her first 100 piece puzzle all by herself!


Hannah with Grandpa Jon